Tips for Ripping DVS to Hard Drives

DVDs are used as storages devices for computers. In the modern days, people no longer use these devices since they can stream their best movies or download songs online via HBO, Go, Netflix, iTunes e.t.c. Some people have many DVDs (over 300 ) in their houses, and they don’t know how to rip them to their computers. Some of them have movies that they would like to enjoy sometimes.

hard drive

Some of them have been watching these devices with DVDs or even getting rid of them. The best solution is to rip these storages devices to your NAS. By so doing, you will have a chance of watching them on your mobile devices anywhere.  You can get an additional resource on how to rip DVDs by referring to this website.

Copyright Issues

Ripping DVDs is against the copyright rights. Copyright protection considers this activity as illegal if it is done with the purpose of distributing or selling them. This means that you are allowed to rip your devices as long as you are planning to keep them on your hard drive or computer. However, some DVDs have encryption protection, and any software cannot circumvent them. In such cases, you should get old DVDs which don’t have inbuilt copyright protection.

Things Needed When Ripping DVDs

Two things are needed when ripping DVDs in computers. These include software called Handbrake and another open source library known as libdvdcss, which is used for unscrambling DVDs. With these two essential things, you should use a safe, free and malware free and clean software that can work with both Mac and Windows.

Steps Followed When Ripping DVDs

Installing Handbrake

This software should be downloaded and then installed on Mac or Windows. On visiting the main page, your computer will automatically determine the best version that you need download onto it. This tool is useful in converting videos from different formats to the widely supported codecs. It is an open and free source.

windows OS

In addition to this, this software is a multi-platform. This means that it can work with Linux, Mac, and Windows. It should be installed immediately in a default location for Mac or Windows after downloading it. There are two versions of HandBrakes, the 64-bit, and 32-bit version.


Downloading Libdvcss

The VideoLAN Company manages this open source library. The different versions of libdvdcss include Windows, 32-bit, and Windows 64-bit libdvdcss. You should choose a version which is compatible with the HandBrake software that you have already downloaded. Finally, this is followed by installing libdvdcss and configuring HandBrake-OS. having successfully configured the open source library and the HandBrake software, You can no rip your DVDs in your computers.