Q and A About Home Breathalysers

As we all know, drunk driving is risky. Traffic rules clearly state that you should not drink and drive. While we understand all the risks that could occur from drunk driving, many people still do it. It is the main reason for accidents on the roads today. And what happens after an accident? People lose lives, body parts and lead a sad life forever.

If you have fallen into the temptation of taking beer before you get home, a breathalysers can help you determine if you are safe to drive or not. If you are thinking of buying one, we have compiled a list of questions and answers often asked by beginners like you.

Do I Need It?

alcohol, car keysIf you drink alcohol, it might be more useful than you can imagine. People react differently to alcohol, and at times you might think that you are sober, but the truth is you are very drunk. When you are over the required limits, you should not drive.

If the Device Tells Me That I Am Under Limit Can I Drive Home?

Breathalysers are good but not perfect. Use it for screening, but if you have had alcohol, you should question your driving capabilities.

What Is FDA Clearance?

All goods must pass through FDA. Here, their quality and function ability is tested before they are released to the market. To be safe purchase devices or any other goods for this matter which have not been cleared with FDA.

How Do I Use It?

It is very simple, blow through the mouthpiece for about five seconds. They are designed to measure the alcohol content in your breath. For effectiveness, do not drink or eat 15 minutes before testing.

Must I Have the Mouthpiece?

accident, drunk driverThis one depends on the model. Some models do not require you to use the mouthpiece. But without the mouthpiece, air from the outside can mix with your breath giving false readings. That said, you better own one for accurate readings.

Should the Device Be Re-Calibrated?

For accuracy yes. If the readings are not clear chances of taking the wrong readings are high increasing the risk of accidents. Reputable models ask you to take back the device for re-calibration after a year.